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Bienvenidos a Nuestro. The Moment is Ours.

Updated: Jun 30

I started Nuestro to close the financial literacy gap, keeping our communities from taking full advantage of the existing financial products and services offered by mainstream organizations.

Nuestro is focused on developing better financial habits with our users. Providing an entry-level products portfolio that will prepare our user community for interacting successfully with more complex products further down in their financial journey.

We know that better financial habits, combined with excellent work ethics and talent, is a clear path for creating generational wealth for our families.

Our communities have proven great capabilities for starting and growing businesses, for generating jobs and increasing the flow of cash throughout.

But that is not enough, we still have to learn how to better manage our cash, invest, and leverage the multiple available financial products that turn our money into wealth.

Nuestro will make a difference in turning this page for our community, and together we will seize the opportunity.

We believe in your capacity for starting, nurturing, and growing your net worth.

We couldn’t be more excited to start this journey with you. More importantly, we can’t wait to see you thrive and watch your money grow.

We believe in you, we trust you, and together we will get there.

Thank you for trusting us. You will not be disappointed. El momento es Nuestro. LFG!

Diego / Nuestro Founder

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