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3 Reasons Why You Should Be Saving


There are many reasons why we should save, but here are 3 important ones. Savings give you…

  • Peace of mind

  • The ability to purchase items and experiences that you want (e.g. una casita) without going into debt

  • Help keep your finances organized

When you save, however, make sure that you’re keeping your dinero safe in a bank! In 2019, 12.2% of Latino households in the US were unbanked, compared to 2.5% of white ones (FDIC). Additionally, in México, only ⅓ of adult women have a bank account (Visa).

It’s important that our comunidades store our dinero in a bank because bank accounts offer…

  • Safety

  • Convenience

  • Can give you interest on your money

  • Help you access credit more easily

So here’s to saving more and keeping your dinero safe!

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