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The Nuestro Community Fund was established to close the financial literacy gap that impacts the Latino communities in the American Southeast by providing digestible, culturally responsive financial literacy to Latino youth in the region.


If you serve the Latino community in Tennessee, we invite you to apply to our Community Fund! We offer…


  • Online financial literacy learning modules 

  • $500-$2,000 in funding to implement the programming


Our bicultural, bilingual online learning modules include…

CF 1-8.png
CF 2-8.png
CF 3-8.png
CF 4-8.png
CF 5-8.png
CF 6-8.png
  • Any type of legal entity (e.g. non-profit, faith-based, educational) that shares a commitment to empower the Latino community 

  • Is based in TN

  • Serves the Latino community 

  • Has at least 10 participants for the entirety of the programming 



1. Will we need to have recruited a group of participants prior to applying for funding? 


As part of the application process, you will submit a working list of participants you plan to recruit or you have recruited already. Unfortunately, if your organization does not have the capacity to recruit a group of 10 participants prior to submitting an application, the organization would be ineligible for funding. 


2. Is there an application deadline? Will the community fund operate on a yearly basis? 


There is no application deadline. We operate on a first come, first serve basis. 

We are in the process of solidifying this detail. However, we are actively fundraising on our end to have more partnerships provide financial literacy programming to their communities. 


3. How many organizations will you fund?


We will provide funding to 10-40 organizations throughout TN. In the near future, we plan to expand to GA, VA, SC, and NC. 


4. How will you determine how much funding to give to each organization?


The amount of funding provided will depend on the organization’s specific needs. For example, an organization’s number of participants, level of access to technology, and their existing financial literacy programming (if any) are some of the factors that will determine the amount of funding received. 


4. If our organization is already providing financial programming, can we still receive funding? 


Yes! It’s so great that you’re already doing this work for our comunidades. The funding could be used to strengthen or simply continue facilitating your existing programming. Please note that we would vet your programming to ensure that it aligns with ours. 


5. If we don’t serve Latino youth specifically but we serve the broader Latino community in our area, could we still apply for the funding? 


Yes, we encourage you to apply. However, please note that our programming is specifically tailored for that part of the community. 


6. Our organization is only interested in the online learning modules and not the funding–can we still apply?


Absolutely! You can indicate that in the application. 

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